Stepping Outside our Comfort Zone

Over the Fourth of July, I thought about how many different ways people celebrated that great holiday.  Camping, grilling, playing games, playing golf, water activities, shooting off fireworks or watching community fireworks displays are all common holiday activities.  As we think about helping our students be physically active for a lifetime, making sure that they are exposed to a wide variety of activities is important.  I understand that we all have our “favorite lessons/units” but to be fair to our students we need to include more than just those that we are comfortable teaching.  By doing this we make certain that students have the opportunity to be competent in a wide variety of skills.

In addition it’s important to look for ways to promote physical activity before, during and after school.  The “Let’s Move! Active Schools” project is based on a Comprehensive School Physical Activity program.   Each component of CSPAP has numerous strategies to increase physical activity.  While some students may be able to participate in a before school walking program, others may find it easier and more appealing to take part in after school intramurals.  Providing classroom teachers with a variety of ideas for movement/brain breaks gives them options to choose activities they are comfortable doing with their students.  Finding ways to get parents, staff and community members involved is another avenue to consider that help increase physical activity options for students.

So, look for all the ways you can open the door to the wide variety of possibilities to help your students be comfortable and competent in activities that they can truly enjoy for a lifetime.  They will thank you when they are older!

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