Olympics – Skillastics Style

Like many of you, I love the Olympics.  There are so many lessons that can be taught and examples we can use to reinforce sportsmanship, hard work and good character.  Regardless of what you might be teaching during the Olympics, I encourage you to take time to use the traditions and stories to reinforce your lessons.

Here are a few ways to use Skillastics activity kits with an Olympic theme. 

1.    Use the repetition levels as “Gold, Silver and Bronze” levels

2.    Assign each group an Olympics event and have them identity three Skillastics fitness activities that would help that athlete perform better in their event

3.    Explain what the five Olympics rings stand for (each country’s flag has at least one of the five colors in their flag and the rings are joined together to show that athletes from all countries can participate together in a spirit of friendship).  Ask each group to look at the character traits in Character is Cool and select two traits and explain how the traits are demonstrated in the Olympics.

4.    Have the student who is going to the mat to roll the dice dribble a hockey puck to the mat and back.  Start the day telling the students about the “Miracle on Ice” US Hockey team.

5.    Have the student who is going to the mat to roll the dice “skate” to the mat and back.  Start the day by talking about all of the Olympic events that are done on ice.  (Carpet squares make great skates!)

6.    After the group completes the designated number of repetitions for a Skillastics activity, have the team run a lap as if they were a torch runner.  

7.    Place different Skillastics activities around the gym.  Have students work in pairs with each pair having a scooter.  Assign each pair a starting place.  The students do the designated number of reps for that activity then they become members of the bobsled team.  One student is on the “bobsled” and the other student safely pushes their partner one lap around the gym.  They stop at the next activity, turn the scooter over, do the designated number of reps then trade place on the bobsled.  Continue around the gym to the next activity after each lap. 

Use your creative thinking and find ways to include the Olympic Games as a fun and inspirational way to add to your lessons.

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