Halfpint Skillastics – Did You Know?!?

Did you know that Skillastics offers an activity kit for pre-school and kindergarten aged students?  This Skillastics activity kit is called Halfpint.  Halfpint Skillastics allows children to work on number, color and shape recognition while being physically active!  Do you think that’s great?  Well how about if I told you that Halfpint also comes with a musical CD, that has slow and fast pace music, to match everyone one of the activities the children perform?  This music CD allows children to learn how to move to different paces of music!  Are you asking how can it get any better?  This kit is also available in English/Spanish. Halfpint Skillastics is the ultimate activity kit to bring your preschool and Kindergarteners to the next level!

**This kit is also a great resources or children with special needs.

For more information about Halfpint Skillastics, please click on the link below:


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