Basketball Tip

Work Hard, Have Fun!

I have talked about the importance of having fun while playing basketball before; however, it was never more evident than when I traveled to West Virginia years ago.

I can remember for two nights in a row, I had over 40 young ladies eager to learn basketball drills. What really impressed me about these young athletes, their coaches and their parents was one basic theme; “having fun”. Having fun is not to be mistaken with not working hard and trying to do your best. These young athletes worked extremely hard at every drill. What struck me was that every child, no matter what their skill level, worked extremely hard, but at the same time had a smile on their face. They were having fun working hard. They were having fun improving their skills. They were having fun struggling through some of the harder drills, but always gave the effort. I looked at this group and thought to myself; “This is exactly what it’s all about – working as hard as you possibly can on a skill and feeling good about the improvement – no matter how small.”

I firmly believe that this “have fun, work hard” work ethic will carry over into all other aspects of these young athletes’ lives. Basketball may be just a game, but it teaches so much more. These young athletes in West Virginia definitely got it.

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