You Asked, We Listened!!!

One of the crucial elements to the success of Skillastics is teaching the 26 activities prior to play. In the past, we’ve requested that you laminate the 26 activities that were included in the instructional manual and use them to familiarize your students with the activities.  We know how busy you are, so we’ve done the work for you!  Every Skillastics Activity Kit* now contains Skillastics Laminated Task Cards and instructional DVD!

* Volleyball Skillastics and BFit4Winter Skillastics do not contain the instructional DVD.  Halfpint Skillastics does contain task cards or instructional DVD. 

For a quick, easy Skillastics Task Card idea:


Follow the Leader

Students are grouped into 4 (or more, depending upon the amount of students you have).  Each group stands in a line facing the same direction.  Place the same amount of Skillastics activity task cards in the front of each line with the number placed equal to the amount of students in each line.  Before starting, review all 26 Skillastics activities with your students. 

To begin, on the signal, the first person (leader) chooses one of the Skillastics activity cards, reads the directions and leads his or her group in that activity until the music stops.  When the music stops, this student moves to the back of the line and everyone moves up a spot.  The new leader must select a different activity to lead the group.

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