Surrounding Yourself With Quality Individuals

I just returned from the AAHPERD National Convention and as always came home excited to be a part of such a great group of professionals. Regardless of whether it’s a national convention or your state convention, a regional workshop or some other type of professional development opportunity that you choose to attend, I think often what we experience is the same. So, whether you were in North Carolina or not, think about these three things the next time you attend a great workshop or convention!

1. When a “local” asks what you are there for, it’s really easy to tell them! The reason is you are surrounded by “like minded” people. But, my challenge to you is, always be proud of what you do! It’s important to be an advocate for our profession and it starts with being excited about the impact you make each and every day in sharing the value of leading a physically active life (and knowing is starts with quality physical education!).

2. You probably come home overloaded with new ideas that you are excited about trying. Don’t wait until next year to try them! Jump right in and test some of those new activities while they are still fresh on your mind. Anytime you get back to work after attending a convention or workshop, make it a goal to try out a few of those great new ideas very quickly!

3. Share your enthusiasm with those that made it possible for you to attend! It’s important for your administration, fellow teachers, school board members, and parent organizations to know you appreciate the opportunity to grow professionally. Whether it’s through a personal conversation or an email, share some of the highlights of the convention or workshop and your plans for implementing those new and innovative ideas.

It’s great to come home after attending a wonderful workshop or convention and it’s easy to be excited for a few days. My challenge to you is to keep the enthusiasm going and light that fire under others that you work with by sharing what you learned and continually being proud of what you do!

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