The Importance of Teamwork

Most of us, sometime or another, have done something that we would consider not one of our shining moments.  For me, it was in high school when I was more concerned with my basketball scoring average than our overall team success. In my senior we had not beaten this particular team in our conference for three years.  I was determined that my senior year was the time to  beat this team, and we would do it on our home court. The day of the game came. At the end of the first half, we were up by two points. Everyone on our team, except for me, was so excited as we entered the locker room for half-time.  I was mad because I had not scored the  number of points that I convinced myself I would achieve by half-time.  We actually won that game by one point and that victory should have been the highlight of my high school career. But it wasn’t to me because my only goal was to increase or meet my scoring average.

I reflected on how we beat that team and it was because five of our starters scored in double figures. Not just one person, like me, making all the points, not just one person getting all the rebounds. It was a total team effort.

Basketball is a team sport – a team uniting together for one common cause. Just take one look at the Final Four for both the Men and Women’s teams and you’ll see the total team effort prevalent throughout.  We all have  a responsibility to improve our skills, but it is effectively and efficiently using these skills in a team approach that wins games.

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