Measuring Skillastics Movement

The innovative technique of Skillastics is simple to understand and execute.  Instructors who use Skillastics are exuberant about the ease of teaching it, the delight of students participating in it, and the evidence of skill development and increased physical activity.  We recommend the IHT  Spirit System in collecting data to track any increase in physical activity.  This is a perfect, simple system for data collection.  From our experience, the IHT Spirit System is easy to implement and assesses student’s MVPA  activity levels in a variety of ways.  The data collected, has revealed that students playing Skillastics are MVPA 80% of the time, with an average heart rate of 142 bpm, which is way above the national recommendations of 50% MVPA.

Skillastics empowers students by creating a fun learning environment where they have the opportunity to develop their physical, mental and social skills.  By utilizing the IHT Spirit System while playing Skillastics, students receive immediate feedback on their performance, which takes the physical activity experience to another level.  Skillastics provides a positive, non-threatening atmosphere for students to be active regardless of physical ability.  IHT Spirit System provides immediate tangible data that proves the Skillastics experience was not only fun, but offers teachers and administrators the ability to monitor and assess student performance.

Skillastics is the movement, IHT Spirit System measures that movement.


A Skillastics / IHT Spirit System Success Story Scenario

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