Ideas for Implementing Skillastics During the Day

This month we will take a closer look at some ways to increase physical activity “During the School Day” as we continue to explore the different components of a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program.  There are numerous resources listed under this component on the Let’s Move in School web site ( that will give you more ideas and resources so make sure you check those out! 

The LMIS web site summary of physical activity during the school day is below.

Physical activity during school provides opportunities for all students, including those with disabilities, to practice what they’ve learned in physical education, work towards the nationally-recommended 60+ minutes of daily moderate-vigorous physical activity, and prepare the brain for learning. Opportunities include:

  • Physical activity integrated into classroom lessons
  • Physical activity breaks in the classroom
  • Recess (elementary school)
  • Drop-in physical activity (e.g., after eating lunch) (middle and high school)

The idea of promoting physical activity during school is not new however with so much emphasis on obesity and the link between movement and academic achievement, it’s a little easier to “sell” than it was a few years ago.  Some specific ideas that you might consider are:

  • Provide classroom teachers with one Skillastics physical activity idea each week
  • Encourage students to practice the Skillastics activities they have learned in physical education class during recess
  • Provide equipment that can be “checked out” by classroom teachers so students can play a game they have learned in physical education class for a special activity “reward”
  • Share resources with classroom teachers that give them ideas for integrating movement into their lessons
  • Lend a set of Skillastics Task Cards  to classroom teachers to use as daily fitness breaks
  • Set up one of the Skillastics mats for students to play during lunch recess
  • Work with secondary students to plan and promote drop-in physical activities

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