The Key Components to a Quality Physical Education Program

SHAPE America provides several tools to help physical educators and school administrators evaluate the school’s physical education program.  Included in these resources is a document titled “What are the Key Components of a Quality Physical Education Program”.   Skillastics activity kits are valuable resources to show your program is a quality one.

According to SHAPE America, there are four components of a high-quality physical education program.  Those are listed below with examples of what should be observed in each area.

  • Opportunity to learn (provide a developmentally appropriate program)
  • Meaningful Content (instruction in a variety of motor skills, fitness education, opportunity to improve social and cooperative skills, promotion of physical activity)
  • Appropriate Instruction (maximum practice opportunities, full inclusion, out of school practice)
  • Student and Program Assessment (assessment is ongoing, assessments align with state/national physical education standards)

Here are some ways that Skillastics provides evidence of a high-quality physical education program.

  • Skillastics Activity Kits can be used to teach and reinforce a variety of motor skills
  • Skillastics Activity Kits can be used to teach and reinforce fitness concepts
  • Skillastics engage students in a cooperative setting
  • Skillastics activities can be used on fitness calendars and by classroom teachers to promote increased physical activity during the day
  • Skillastics activities can be modified to be used with special populations
  • Skillastics activities keep all students active and promote maximum participation
  • Skillastics Activity Kits are excellent resource to use as an assessment tool
  • Skillastics activities address the National Physical Education Content Standards

So, the next time your administrator schedules a time to visit or evaluate your program, consider the benefits of having students engaged in one of the Skillastics activity kits!

What ways have you found Skillastics to help contribute to YOUR quality Physical Education program?  Please share at 

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