Ideas to Help Introduce All 26 Skillastics Activities

Introducing 26 new activities to students can be a challenge if you don’t plan how you are going to accomplish the task. Here are a few ideas you might try as a way to teach the Skillastics activities to students before actually playing the game.

  1. Divide students into 6-8 small groups and give each student one activity. They need to practice the activity and then demonstrate it to the rest of the group.
  2. Place 4 activities in each corner of the gym and have students walk or jog around the perimeter stopping at each corner to practice the activity. Do this several days with different activities each day.
  3. As students are lined up to be dismissed, demonstrate 2-3 activities and ask students to practice them at home or during recess.
  4. Have a small group of students from each class come in at recess and teach them the activities. Those students then can teach the rest of the class the activities.

Do you have an idea you would like to share? Please help others by sharing your ideas below. Thanks!

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