Skillastics Tip – Basketball Skillastics

It’s the time of year when many people begin teaching basketball skills.  Here is an idea to use with your Skillastics Basketball activity kit. 

 Dynamic Duo

Students work with a partner for this activity.  The teacher will announce a exercise and one of the Skillastics Basketball activities.  The partners decide who will do the exercise and who will do the Basketball Skillastics activity.   On the signal, do each activity as many times as possible in the selected time (i.e. 30 seconds).  Ask the students to add their totals together for their “team” score.  Repeat the activity for the same amount of time with students switching activities.  Have them add their scores again to see if they improved.  Continue with a new set of Skillastics activities and exercises. 

If you don’t have enough basketballs for each student, this activity works really well and provides maximum participation for all students.  This also is a great way to incorporate fitness into your basketball lesson and to give feedback to students as they practice various basketball skills.

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