Basketball Tip – Build Hand and Forearm Strength

Basketball is a game of endurance. If two teams competing with each other are equal in talent and ability, there is a high probability that the team in better overall condition will ultimately win. Dribbling is a crucial part of the game, and handling the basketball for long periods of time, under stressful conditions is a common occurance. A great drill to help develop dribbling strength and endurance is fingertip dribbling.  Sit on the floor, dribble the basketball, one finger at a time 3-5 times, then rotate to the next finger (including the thumb).  Move up and down the row of fingers, dribbling 3-5 times with each finger.  Repeat the same process with the opposite hand.  The best way to build endurance is to set goals for yourself.  First, tell yourself that you will dribble 30 seconds without stopping with both hands.  Then increase to one minute, then two minutes, etc…  You will see a noticeable improvement in your strength and endurance if you include this activity in your practice session.  Good luck!

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