Seven Secrets That Get Your Couch Potato Child Moving

Seven Secrets on how to get your Couch Potato Child off the Couch and Moving

1)      Make it fun – We live in an instant gratification society.  Children get bored easy.  It has to fun or they will not want to do it.

2)      Participate with them – children love to do stuff with their parents.  They will get a kick out of it.

3)      Move to music.  Play music that the child loves to listen to.  It motivates them, and you!

4)      Set aside a time during the day to exercise every day and stick to it (i.e. evening after dinner, etc…)

5)      Ask your child what activities they like to do.  Something they learned in school, etc…  They could teach you how to do it.

6)      Don’t set high expectations initially.  Don’t expect to spend a lot of time exercising right away.  Slowly build up.  Start with maybe 5 minutes, working up to 30 minutes and beyond a day.  If you do too much too fast, it will be overwhelming and a child will get discouraged – not to mention the parent!

7)      Maintain a healthy household.  As a family – talk about the upcoming Olympics, watch the Olympics together.  Talk about the athletes and their stories.  Explain to your child the reasons why these athletes are so good – hard work, dedication, sacrifice, eating the right foods, getting plenty of sleep, etc…

Activities That Get Families Moving

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