Let’s Move in School Skillastics® Sample Lesson Plan

“People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.”  I’m not sure where that quote came from and I know it’s not new, but I do think it’s a great quote!  Whether you apply it to a vacation, a big event at school, or your daily teaching, it’s true.  Like most of you, doing lesson plans wasn’t one of my favorite things in the world but I learned quickly if I didn’t have good lesson plans, the day didn’t go well.  I also realize that the more experience we have, the less “formal” the written plans become but, those important details always need to be considered.  In order to not fall into the “busy, happy, good” type of teacher key components of a lesson need to be considered (NASPE Standard addressed, purpose/goal/outcome of the lesson, assessment, transitions, safety, equipment distribution, etc.).  I realize there are many formats for writing lesson plans and I’ve used several but the content is typically the same.  Below is a sample plan for a “Skillastics® Let’s Move in School” lesson.  Hopefully it will be helpful and serve as a reminder that we do need a plan!

Let’s Move in School Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan’s Authors:  Sandy Slade and Rhonda Holt

Lesson Title:  Let’s Move Together

Target Audience/Grade Level:  3rd-6th grade

Student Participation Number:  one or two classes depending on available space

Teaching Location:  Gym or Outdoor Playing Area

Lesson Goal:  Students will work together in small groups to perform a variety of throwing, catching, jumping and running activities

Instructional Objectives: 

Psychomotor—Students will perform the designated throwing, jumping and running skills

Cognitive—Students will be able to identify activities to practice at home or during recess

Affective—Students will be able to demonstrate cooperation and teamwork during the activity

National Physical Education Standards:

Standard 3—Participates regularly in physical activity.

Standard 5—Exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings. 

Lesson Equipment:  Let’s Move in School Skillastics® Activity Kit, 6 poly spots or markers, 3 x 5 card and pencil for each student

Safety:  Remind students to watch where they are going when moving to and from the mat, remind students to do each activity correctly so everyone in their group feels safe

Lesson Plan Details:

Instant Activity:  “Walkie Talkie” 5-8  minutes

When the music is playing, students find a partner and walk fast or jog slowly in the designated area while discussing their favorite activities to do at recess or at home.  When the music stops, students have 5 seconds to find a new partner.  When the music starts again, students start moving and share their favorite activity with the new partner. 

Introductory Activity:  3-5 minutes

Review safety, rules and any LMIS Skillastics® activities that may need clarification, assign the repetition level for the day, quickly divide students into 6 teams

Main Activity:  Play “Let’s Move in School Skillastics®” 20-25 minutes

Students will play the Skillastics® game according to the designated rules. 

Lesson Closure/Assessment:    “3-2-1 Let’s Move”  5-8 minutes

Each student will complete the assessment on a 3 x 5 note card.  Using the activities from Let’s move in School Skillastics® they will determine the activities they would choose for each of these items:

3 activities they like the best

2 activities they would like to practice at recess

1 activity they would teach their family and practice them at home

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