Skillastics Grouping Strategies

In order to get students organized quickly to play Skillastics, try some of these “grouping” strategies:

  • As you call the colors of the six teams, have students go to the color that is most obvious on their shirt. 
  • Call birthday months and send each month to a spot for their team.
  • Call out favorite fruits and have students go to a designated spot.
  • Have students line up in front of you in two lines, send the appropriate number from each line to a spot.
  • Call letters of the alphabet and send students whose first name starts with that letter to a spot.

There are many ways to get students into groups quickly other than “numbering off” so try some of these ideas.  You may have to make adjustments to even up the teams but you will often find that using techniques like these will form fairly even teams in a fun and time efficient manner.

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