Tips for Making the Most of Your Time When Attending a Convention

  • There are many things you may want to sign up for in the exhibit hall.  Put your name, school, address, phone number and e-mail address on labels prior to your arrival.  Then simply peel and stick this label on whatever you may be interested in – saving you a lot of time!
  • Visit the conference host website and glance at the final session schedule.  Have an idea of what sessions you may want to attend prior to the convention.
  •  If you know there are items that you will want to purchase in the exhibit hall during the convention, knowing you will be getting special pricing during the convention, try to see if your school or organization will allow you to generate a purchase order prior to your arrival.
  • After you check the session planner and have some idea of what you want to do each day, download the schedule to your phone—you won’t have to carry the big convention book around that way!
  • If are attending the convention with colleagues, attend different sessions and share what you learned with our colleagues.  It’s always fun to stay together but you get more “bang for your buck” if you go to different sessions.
  • If you are in a session and it’s not what you expected, it’s ok to leave and go to another one.  Sometimes the descriptions and the actual session are not what you expected.  You need to benefit from each session you attend. 
  • When you are in the exhibit area, if there is a vendor you want to go back and revisit, take time to write down the booth number or circle it in the “Exhibit Hall diagram” to help refresh your memory where it is located or which ones you want to revisit.  By doing this you will save time because you know where to go!
  • If you can’t make a purchase at the convention but find equipment that you think will be approved, ask the vendor how long the convention rate will be honored. 
  • Leave some room in your suitcase for the return trip!  Or, there normally is a place at the convention center or close by where you can ship things back if needed. 

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