Changing the Culture of a School – One Activity at a Time

During your next teacher work day, take a few moments and demonstrate how easy it is to get children and adults moving ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME!  Share a quick team building activity using the Fitness Skillastics laminated activity cards.  It not only builds advocacy, but also prepares the possibility of using Skillastics activities in every classroom (i.e. daily morning fitness included during announcements).

Here is a quick example of a team building activity.   Every teacher has an activity card (You may have to make additional copies if there are not enough cards to go around.  It is permissible to duplicate activity cards issued to you).  Everyone places the card on their forehead with the exercise facing inward or against one’s forehead.  On a signal, everyone begins walking around shaking hands with and exchanging  the activity cards. You could also encourage the teachers to say something relevant to the school or organizations to each other in addition to or in place of shaking hands.  Continue the activity until an audible stop signal is heard.  Everyone stops and reads the card he/she has and does that activity and the amount of repetitions as suggested by the leader of the activity.  Repeat this activity as you deem appropriate.

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