Let’s Move in School Initiative – Why Get Involved?

Now that you are settled into the school year, if you aren’t already involved in the “Let’s Move in School” initiative, I encourage you to go to www.letsmoveinschool.org and become a part of this great project!  The goal of LMIS is to provide a Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) with quality physical education as the foundation in all schools.  If you need some reasons to get involved, consider the five listed below!

Current research supports the fact that physical activity helps students academically

Students are more likely to get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day when a school implements this plan

Parents are encouraged to get involved and set a good example by being active with their children

All adults play an important role in the success of this program (administrators, classroom teachers, physical education teachers, before and after school program supervisors, parents, community members, and others)—it’s not up to one person to implement the program

Physical activity throughout the school day is easy to implement with all of the ideas provided on the LMIS website

So, get started today and be a part of this great MOVEment!

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