Preparing for the School Year

Every time I leave on a flight from Wichita I have to smile a little when they tell us there are life jackets under the seat in the event of a water landing.  I mean really, where would we have a water landing around here?!  But, I know they are just making sure they are prepared for any and all emergencies.  I have always known that but since it’s back to school time, I started thinking about how it relates to what good teachers do—they are always prepared!  So, let’s do a little comparison to how a good teacher prepares for the year, and how the airlines prepare for emergencies!

Overall Plan:  Airlines prepare us for anything that could possibly go wrong and they know what to do in case of an emergency.  Good teachers have an overall plan starting with a yearly plan and moving into the details of a quarterly, weekly and daily lesson plan.  By doing this, you always feel prepared when class starts.

Lighting:  The airlines tell us in case of an evacuation to look for lighting that will lead to the closest exit.  They have a clear plan for how to get people off the plane!  Good teachers have clear plans related to expectations for behavior, class procedures, transitions, equipment distribution, etc.  And…..they share those plans with their students so they know what is expected of them during class.

Oxygen Mask:  The airlines tell us to secure our mask first before helping others.  Good teachers secure their mask by careful planning and preparation but there are still times when they need someone else to talk to, bounce ideas off of, “vent” a little and know they have a friend who is there.  Good teachers develop a relationship with others so when they need help securing their mask, they know who to go to!  And, others know they can come to you when they need help securing their mask. 

Water Landing:  As silly as I think it is that we would need a life jacket for an emergency landing when I leave Wichita, I know while it’s unexpected there are places where it could happen.  Good teachers are prepared for the unexpected.  They plan more than is needed for each lesson; they take time to evaluate the lessons that don’t go as planned, and start each class knowing they have done everything they can to prepare for the unexpected. 

So… the year unfolds, I hope you have your safety plan ready, and because of that, have a great trip through the school year!

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