Family Fitness Fun Series

This is the final installment in the series of fun, quick fitness activities parents can do with their children.  Engaging in these activities 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes a day is a great addition to the required 60 minutes of fitness needed to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  Here are the final three activities; 

Competition Drills – Two out of the three activities are friendly competition drills. The object is to finish the number of repetitions required before it is other person’s turn to do the activity.

8. Butterfly Challenge – Both individuals first start in a sit-up position. (Sit up position is defined as lying on the floor with your stomach facing the ceiling. Knees are bent and elbows are bent with hands behind the head.)  Lift both feet off the ground. On a start command, begin reaching your right hand toward your left foot so that  the left foot is simultaneously moving with the right hand and eventually the right hand touches the left foot keeping your feet off the ground. Drop leg and repeat with left hand toward the right foot keeping your feet off the ground. Count how many times your hands touch a foot . First person to complete 10 touches is the winner. Increase the number of touches as your fitness level increases. *This drill develops balance and coordination, as well as strengthens the abdominals muscles and hip flexors.

9. Flamingo Stance Challenge – Start in the standing position facing each other. Raise your left leg and balance on the right foot only.  The  person to hold his/her balance the longest wins. Repeat by balancing on left foot. Repeat this three times. *This drill develops balance, as well as strengthens the abdominals and lower body stabilizers (leg muscles) muscles.

10. Quick Handoff – Start in the standing position, back-to-back. One person has a ball (i.e. basketball, football, tennis ball, volleyball). Start this drill by handing the ball to the other person while keeping the backs against each other. Go in a clockwise direction for 5 circles and then repeat 5 times going in a counter-clock direction. The objective of this drill is to see how fast you can pass the ball. Increase the amount of circles as your fitness level increases. *This drill develops hand/eye coordination, as well as the strengthening the  abdominal muscles.

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