Summer Family Fitness Series

For the next three months, Skillastics will be providing you with fun, quick fitness activities parents can do with their children.  Engaging in these activities 3-4 times a week for 30-60  minutes  a day during the summer will help increase or maintain fitness levels

Here are the first three activities;

1. Partner Roll – Adult and child each get in a push-up position facing each other about 3 feet apart from each other.  (A push-up position is defined as balancing your body on your toes and on your hands with your elbows straight). If it’s too difficult to hold the position on your toes, holding the position on your knees is an option. One person has a ball such as a basketball, tennis ball, volleyball soccer ball.   The ball is rolled to your partner while the roller holds the push-up position.  The receiving partner stops the ball while holding the push-up position,  and returns it by rolling it back to the partner.  Repeat this process  10 times.  As your fitness improves, increase the number of rolls.  This activity develops balance and coordination and strengthens abdominal, lower and upper back muscles.

2. Can-Can Crab – Adult and child each position their body on all “fours” with the stomach facing the ceiling. Your bodies are in line with your feet facing each other. On the word “go”, both raise their left foot  to touch his/her partner’s left foot.  Bring the foot down and then raise right foot and touch. Touch feet approximately 10 times. Increase the touches as your fitness level increases. This drill develops balance and coordination, and strengthens quadriceps, gluteus maximus and abdominal muscles.

3. Partner Pound and Clap – Start in a standing position, facing one another.  The adult extends both of his/her hands out approximately chest high with fingers open and palms facing your child. The child bends down and lightly pounds the floor two times with their palms, then jumps to  try and slap/touch both of the adult’s hands. (Adults – slowly raise your hands as your child’s ability to jump higher increases). Repeat this 5 times.  Reverse rolls with a slight modification. The child stands and bends at the waist, holding his/her hands down as low as they can with the fingers open and palms facing the adult. The adult bends down, slaps the child’s hands two times and then jumps, raising his/her hands high above his/her own head. Repeat 5 times. Increase the jumps as your fitness level increases. This drill develops gluteus maximus, hamstring and quadriceps muscle groups.

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