Experiencing Skillastics Creativity and Flexibility in One Day

Recently, Sandy Slade, President/CEO of Skillastics presented Skillastics workshops throughout Europe.  In Belgium, Sandy had various ages and abilities participate in Basketball Skillastics so she could observe if the Activity Kit could be effectively played by different skill levels and ages.  She found that various ages and skill levels had no negative impact on the group to have fun while participating.   Sandy first instructed thirty, 4-6 year olds on how to play Basketball Skillastics.  The Belgium instructors provided smaller basketballs for the children which certainly helped in achieving success in doing the basketball activities.  Each of the six instructors were assigned to work with a team.  The results were amazing.  Children quickly understood the concept of the Skillastics® and they eagerly engaged in all of the activities.  If you have been hesitant to introduce Skillastics to younger children, don’t be.  The key for this age group was  providing them with smaller basketballs and an instructor with each team. 

In the same day, Sandy also worked  with basketball players ranging in ages 12-16 years.  These were children who familiar with the game and were quite skilled.   Basketball Skillastics was  initially created for children ages 8-12, with limited Basketball experience so Sandy was curious to see how skilled players would respond to Basketball Skillastics.   Since each team included a well skilled, older player, Sandy instructed them to do twice the number of repetitions that were required.   Sandy  also added additional activities like shooting at the baskets, passing, or working on defensive slides while waiting for each teammate to come back from the large mat to announce the next activity.  This proved to be challenging for all.

Skillastics provides the instructor the opportunity to integrate other pertinent skills  based on the groups skill level.   Additional adjustments or activities are implemented based upon the circumstances , skills or the age of the group.  It was exciting to see Basketball Skillastics “rise to the occasion” with each situation that was presented.

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