Sad Observation Regarding Obesity in America

Last night I had the opportunity to witness soccer fans from Líege, Belgium cheer for their beloved soccer team playing in the Belgium Soccer Championship. The City set up a big screen in the middle of the city and thousands of enthusiastic fans gathered to support their team. As more people began to congregate, I happened to notice that no one was obese. Yes, among thousands and thousands of people, I could not find one obese person. I’m ashamed to say that this would not be the case if I were going to an American sports event.  So how come I did not see obese people?  I believe it is because people in Europe walk everywhere and they don’t think twice to walk up stairs like the 500 plus steps shown in this picture.  Click Here to View  They also eat well. Fresh food – very little fried. As Americans we have to change our habits. It’s not easy, but it’s painfully obvious, more so than ever, that we are a nation in need of becoming more physically active and more health conscious. Your thoughts?

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