Skillastics Continues to Appeal to the European Market

Skillastics initial trip to Europe was in 2009, when we traveled to Germany, Belgium, Holland, France and Malta.  Skillastics has traveled back to Europe to promote our fitness activity kits and to conduct workshops for educators, students and coaches.  In the next couple of weeks, we plan on sharing with you our experience in working with children from other countries, and tips and techniques that Physical Educators, Coaches, and Fitness Instructors in Europe find most effective.

Sunday, May 15, 2011, was our first workshop in a small village just north of Frankfurt. More than 40 Basketball Coaches and over a dozen children participated. (Click here to view pictures –!/pages/Skillastics/85724686655)  It was evident that everyone was eager to learn. The Head Instructor of the workshop explained the importance of allowing young children to have a positive experience and being physically active. Where have we heard this before? Anyway, he echoed our thoughts exactly and  emphasized fundamental fun rather than competitive games. Basketball was the emphasis of this workshop; however, it was clear from the beginning that working on basic physical activities was just as important in developing the complete and healthy child.

 Among many other activities, the children had the opportunity to play Basketball Skillastics. They loved playing and never seemed to get tired working on the basic fundamentals of the sport. After awhile, we showed them how to play Basketball Skillastics competitively and they went crazy! We love seeing kids enjoy working on the basic fundamentals of the sport, because we know that they will definitely see a difference in their abilities once they step on the court or playing field. Awesome!

We would love to receive your feedback on our experiences. We also welcome any questions, and if we don’t know the answer, we will find out!

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