The Value of Showing We Care

One of my favorite quotes is; “people don’t care what you know until they know you care”.  I think that statement  applies to teachers and the influence they have on their students.  Teachers who care and respect  their students create an effective teaching and educational environment consisting of teamwork, honesty and good sportsmanship. Such an environment gives students the opportunity to be responsible for their actions, a key characteristic in adult life.

Physical Education provides a  perfect setting to teach and model good character.  And, NASPE Standard 5 (“A physically educated person exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others in physical activity settings.”) supports the importance of teaching those skills. 

One of our goals is  to help teachers have one more tools to teach and reinforce good character.  This goal is included in the recently released Character is Cool Skillastics® Activity Kit.  We are excited to provide a kit that has activities that help teach good character traits in a fun and practical way.  To help guide the teaching process, we have included teaching tips that give ideas on how each activity can reinforce one of the character traits as well as several assessment tasks. 

While we are excited about the release of “Character is Cool”, the bottom line is, we believe in the importance and value in showing others that we care.  If this helps students learn a little more about how to exhibit good character and the importance of treating others respectfully, then our goal has been achieved.

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