Basketball Tip – Receiving the Basketball

One of the most overlooked fundamentals of the game is catching the basketball. It seems like such a simple concept, yet many games are lost because of athletes not being able to catch the basketball. First, as the receiver you must  let the passer know you want the ball. Your hands are up, asking for the ball. Second, you should balance your weight on both feet, and feet are shoulder width apart. If your feet are too close together, a defensive player can bump you, causing you to travel and lose your balance, thus resulting in a turnover.  Finally, players should catch the ball with feet slightly in the air whenever possible or “jump to the ball,  rather than being flat-footed. Once you catch the ball, come to a quick stop. This ensures body control, ball possession, and a quick return to the triple threat position where either foot can be used as a pivot foot.

Points to remember:

  • Always catch the ball with both hands
  • Jump to the ball
  • Equal weight on both feet, shoulder width apart
  • Learn to catch the ball and immediately scan and see the whole court.

March is an exciting time of year for college basketball!  You can learn a lot from watching the games. If there is one player you like in particular on a team, watch them the entire game and recognize the good skills and plays as well as the poor ones.  It really is important to see what they do well. Learn from them! They are great teachers.

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