January – A Time for Resolutions

January is the time for resolutions.  I encourage you to consider being a strong advocate for quality physical education as your resolution or one of your resolutions.  Here is how you can successfully meet your resolution:

  • Host a family fitness night at your school (include Skillastics as one of the activities!).
  • Include regular ideas that promote physical activity in your parent newsletter or on your school’s web site.
  • Submit an editorial to your local newspaper explaining the importance and benefits of quality physical education .
  • Invite local school board members to visit your class.
  • Introduce a Skillastics activity at a staff meeting to assist  classroom teachers on how they can incorporate academics and physical activity in their classroom.  (Fitness Skillastics® activities work great in the classroom!)

By taking the time and effort to do things like this that bring positive attention to physical education and physical activity, you are helping to be an advocate for the health, medical, recreation and physical education  profession.  If we all do our part, good things will result!  Happy New Year to all of you!

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