Skillastics Nutritional Cards Has Many Uses

Skillastics Nutritional Cards is based upon the Government’s MyPyramid, and is used with any Skillastics Activity Kits (except for Halfpint and Halfpint Bilingual) as a great way to teach children to understand the importance of or reinforce healthy eating.  This enhancement is combined with the physically activity technique in order to engage large groups of children at one time.  In addition, Skillastics Nutritional Cards can be used independently as a quick instant activity in the Health, Physical Education, or in the classroom.  Here are a couple ideas of how to implement the use these Cards in your classroom;

1) Smart Moves  Each student has one nutrition card.  When the music starts everyone moves safely in the playing area with the designated locomotor movement.  When the music stops, students quickly find a partner.  Partners take turns reading the statement or question and multiple choice answers on the card    If one person answers correctly, the two jump as high as they can and give each other a “high five.”  If they both answer correctly, they jump as high as they can and give each other a “high ten,” and if neither answers correctly, they each do 5 straddle jumps. 

When the music restarts, the students start moving. The next time the music stops, students find a new partner and repeat the activity.  In order to keep your cards looking good as new, please remind the students to be careful to not bend the cards when they are doing this activity. 

2) Rainbow Action  The cards are placed in the middle of the playing area, sorted by groups/colors (grains, fruits, etc.).  The students are in groups of 2-3 and are around the outside of the playing area.  On the signal to start, one person from each group goes to the middle and selects one card from any one of the food groups, including Discretionary Calories and Oils.  That person goes back to their teammate and reads the question and multiple choice answers on the cards.  If the correct answer is given, they get to keep the card, if not, the next person returns it and selects another card from the same group.  If the answer was correct, the next person selects a card from a different food group.  The goal is to collect one card from each of the food groups to complete your “rainbow”.

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