Healthy Gift Ideas

With all of the attention the media continues to place on the obesity crisis, it’s important for us to take advantage of the opportunity we have to educate not only our students but also their parents about the importance of leading a physically active lifestyle.  Rham Emanuel, Former White House Chief of Staff said “Don’t let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.”  While it’s unfortunate that we have this crisis, it does provide us with an open door to promote the benefits of physical education and physical activity.  Last year I provided a list of gift ideas for active kids to put in your newsletter.  Here is another way to get that message home this year.  

Brainstorm with your students ideas of gifts that would help them be more active.  Then give your students a 3 x 5 card (or you could do something more festive if you wanted to!) and ask them to write down one thing they would like as a gift that would help them be more active.  Then, ask them to explain how this item would help them be healthier.  For those younger students, they could draw a picture then pair them up with an older student who could do the writing for them. 

Inform the parents to watch for this special request.  Then work with the classroom or homeroom teacher to get these cards sent home in time for parents to consider the gift request.   To give parents more ideas, you might list some of the most popular items and some of the ways students said it would help them be more active in your school newsletter or website.   This is a great time to remind parents that children should be active for at least 60 minutes a day and they can help their child reach that goal by considering purchasing an “active” gift!

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