Peer Assessment

Peer assessments can be a powerful tool if they are planned correctly.  First and most importantly, you have to teach and model how to effectively give and receive feedback.  If you skip that important step, students will tend to argue with each other and it creates more problems than you want to deal with!  (Trust me, I learned that one the hard way!!!).  A second important step is to make sure you ask students to give specific feedback to their partner.   For example, if you are doing a dribbling game where the students are taking turns doing a task have them watch to see if their partner is keeping the ball waist high or lower.  When it is time to switch roles, the child who was watching the other child dribble, the child watching can give his/her partner specific feedback on that component of good dribbling.  If you simply ask them to watch their partner and see if they are dribbling correctly most every response will be “you’re doing a great job”.   Stop several times during the activity and give them another specific component of the skill to watch for and then you are providing specific feedback.

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