The Many Uses of Skillastics Miniature Mats

Every Skillastics activity kit (except for Halfpint and Halfpint Bilingual Skillastics) includes 6 miniature mats that are identical to the 5′ x 7′ large mat.  These mats are an extremely important part of Skillastics, because they are used as a reference or resource for each team that is participating in the activity.  In addition to the customary way of playing Skillastics, the miniature mats can be included as a part of your activity stations.   For example, one station could include one miniature mat and one die and beanbag.  Children participating in this station would take turns rolling the die and moving the beanbag the amount rolled on the small mat.  Then everyone in the group at that station is required to do the activity where the bean bag landed.  You as the instructor would inform the students on the amount of repetitions to complete prior to play.  Those in this station group continue to take turns rolling the die, moving the beanbag and doing the activity until time is up and all participants rotate to the next station.  Another alternative use is a classroom teacher spreads out the miniature mats throughout the classroom.  She/He divides the class equally by the number of mats displayed in the room.  A die and beanbag are located at each miniature mat.  Children take turns rolling the die, moving the bean bag marker and doing the activity where the bean bag rests.  Together, the group then does the activity the repetitions required.  This is a quick easy and fun way to get kids up and moving for a fitness break during the day.

If you have found other uses for the miniature mats, please share with others here!

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