Enhance Your Hoops for Heart Program

If you already participate in Hoops for Heart, or if you are now thinking about doing the event this year, Basketball Skillastics is an excellent addition to the program and may help raise more money for the American Heart Assocation.

Typcially, children who are not very skilled at basketball shy away from the traditional Hoops for Heart activities.  Adding Basketball Skillastics to your event might increase your participation, Since it is an excellent, non-competitive activity.   Basketball Skillastics allows all children, regardless of their basketball skill level, to participate and help raise money for the American Heart Association.  Simply set Basketball Skillastics at one end of the gymnasium, allowing children to choose whether to participate in the traditional Hoops for Hearts Activities or Basketball Skillastics. 

By adding Basketball Skillastics you most likely may see an increase in participation while supporting an extremely worthy cause!

Don’t hesitate to share with others here if you’ve used Basketball Skillastics during your Hoops for Hearts Event.

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