Importance of Assessment

Assessment should be an important part of your lesson plan.  Over the next couple of months I’ll share some practical ways to implement assessments into your lessons.  Asking students to do self assessments helps reinforce concepts, skills and understanding.  At the beginning of the class tell the students specifically what you want them to be able to do by the time you are done working on that particular skill.  At the end of each class, have the students do a quick self-assessment by asking them to show a signal with their thumb to indicate how they think they did on a specific component of the skill you are teaching.  A thumb up means “I’m doing great”, a thumb to the side means “I’m doing ok”, and a thumb down means “I still need to work on this”.  Have the students show their “answer” in front of their stomach so you are the only one that can see their response.  This simple formative assessment reinforces the ultimate goal of helping our students master the skills we are teaching.

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