Rhonda’s Helpful Tips

 I recently read a very thought provoking article by Steve Jefferies, the publisher of “pelinks4u” and our NASPE Past-President.  It has me thinking a lot about how I can be a better advocate for our profession.  I encourage you to read his article (http://www.pelinks4u.org/archives/0510.htm), and give some thought to how you can be a strong advocate as well.  In the mean time, let me offer two simple suggestions:  

1) If you are not a member of AAHPERD, consider joining your professional organization.  While no one likes the thought of something else to pay, look at it as an investment in the health and wellness of our future! 

 2) While you have a little “down time”, make a plan to do one event during the first couple of months of the new school year that will bring attention to what you do and the importance and benefit of physical education.  It could be a Family Fitness night where you have students teach adults how to play a Skillastics game, it could be a weekly morning walk where parents and their children walk a course on your school grounds before going to class, or it could be encouraging students to design posters that explain the importance of good nutrition and physical activity (then have them displayed in local businesses!).   Make sure you involve your students, parents, administrators, staff members, local media and decision makers as much as possible in this event.

As you think about these two ideas and read Dr. Jefferies article, I’m sure many other thoughts will come to mind.  The important thing though is not just think about them, but to actually do them!  Allow me to change the famous quote by John F. Kennedy just a little!  “Ask not what your profession can do for you; rather…..ask what you can do for your profession“.

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