Status of Physical Education in the USA Released

Yesterday, NASPE released a report that provided a current picture of Physical Education in the American public education system.  NASPE and the AHA recommend that schools provide 150 minutes per week/30 minutes per day of instructional PE for elementary school children and 225 minutes per week/45 minutes per day for middle and high school students for the entire year.  Only one state (Alabama) aligns with these nationally recommended guidelines at all levels. 

The good news is that the majority of states mandate that students must take physical education (43 states for elementary, 40 states for middle, and 46 states for high school).  However, 32 states permit school districts or schools to allow students to substitute other activities for their required physical education credit.  Thirty states allow schools or school districts to grant exemptions/waivers for physical education.  Please support state and local policy in creating physically active school environments and physically educated students.  For more information, visit

For a copy of the complete Status of Physical Education report, go to;

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