May is Fitness Month

In April, an article appeared in an Illinois newspaper about a lady, Anna Sudman of West Roxbury, MA.  She regularly runs 3 miles, lifts weights, and does 200 sit-ups.  She also enjoys cardio kick-boxing and spinning.  According to the article, she exercises 2 hours/day, 5 days/week, and has been doing that for at leasat 30 years.  She is 90 years old!  This is a great month to reflect on your fitness program.  How phyiscally active are you?  If you are inactive or need to increase your workout or exercise, this is the month to begin taking steps toward improving your fitness level.   I realize that we are all busy, but making physical activity a priority everyday will do wonders for you in every aspect of your life!  Who knows, maybe you’ll be just as active as Anna when you are 90!

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