Remember Your Feet

When I work with athletes, the one thing I work on more than anything else is footwork. A move is so much more effective if the footwork is correct. Once I point that out to an individual, it’s as if a light bulb goes on. The whole move falls into place. So much emphasis is made on the proper placement of the hands in a jumpshot or in a defensive stance. The truth is, it all starts at the feet.

Recently, I worked with a young athlete who had a great jumpshot, but tended to spread her feet too far apart on the jump. She had no idea that she was doing that. Once I pointed that out to her, she felt she had more distance and accuracy in her shot. If you are struggling with a problem with your jumpshot, try thinking about your feet and your feet placement.

I firmly believe if you start from the feet and work your way up, your jump shot will become the shot you want.

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