HalfPint Skillastics

For very young children, have them practice just rolling the die in the game and go over to the area where the cards are and pick up that particular colored card.  This is an excellent activity for color or shape recognition as well as moving to pick up the card.  This will help them understand the rules of play.

After your class has been introduced to the game, one, two or three children can play the game by themselves. This allows an instructor to assign a variety of activities to a group. Or kids can use the game as a recess activity.

While one child is moving toward the activity cards, it’s important to keep the rest of the group busy. Below are simple activities to keep every child engaged and active:

  • Toss a beanbag back and forth with the children. After they get used to this activity have them toss the beanbag to each other. The child who ends up wth the beanbag when their classmate gets back with the activity card is next to roll the die. If this child has already rolled the die, have him or her pick a friend who has not.
  • Use flash cards (any kind will do) to challenge the children while they are waiting.
  • “12-Sided Die” – Roll the die and count to that number.
  • “Dots” – Throw dots around the activity area. Children jump from one dot to another making sure their foot lands completely on the dot.
  • Sing a song together. (ABC Song, Row, Row, Row Your Boat…)

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