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The #1 Physical Activity Game for After School Programs


Extensive scientific evidence demonstrates that regular physical activity promotes growth and development in youth and has multiple benefits for physical, mental, and cognitive health.  Additionally, it is recommended that a “whole school” approach is needed to obtain maximum physical activity for children.  In particular, After School programs offer the ideal environment to include moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA).


Skillastics® compliments your existing program, boosts outcomes and;

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  1. Prepares the brain for tutoring and reinforcement of academics.
  2. Aligns with the Common Core.
  3. Builds pro-social competencies including collaboration, problem-solving and decision making.
  4. Is appropriate for special populations, bilingual applications and family/community events.
  5. Easy to set up and teach.
  6. Engages up to 100 children at one time in and organized manner, especially when dealing with space limitations.
  7. Flexible to allow a small amount of children to play as well.
  8. Children who play Skillastics® average heart rate is 142 bpm, with 70% Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity (MVPA).


Additional Benefits of Skillastics® For Afterschool Programs

  • Limited in space – no problem! Skillastics® can be executed effectively in multi-purpose rooms, classrooms, outdoors or even on stages.
  • Different ages can play at one time. The Skillastics® technique puts every child on a level playing field, no matter what their age or physical abilities. Children have to work together as a team to achieve the repetitions required in order to advance in the process of the game.
  • Every child has the opportunity to be a leader
  • We offer quality staff development training, but it’s not required.
  • Skillastics® Nutritional Cards are a fun way to integrate nutrition components while simultaneously being active.



Download Skillastics® Alignment with the Common Core

Download Skillastics® Alignment with the Healthy Eating and Physical Activity (HEPA) Guidelines

Download CA After School Physical Activity Guidelines

Download Research Brief on Physical Education, Physical Activity and Academic Performance

Scarf Activities Handout

Playing Cards Activities Handout

Moving With The Alphabet

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With Skillastics® my students are always moving and learning at the same time.  My students are getting the physical activities they need and their skills have improved.  The students have learned to take turns, listen to others and not always be the talker.  Each one feels important and a part of the team.

Karen Gray,
Physical Education Specialist,
Rutherfordton Elementary,
Rutherfordton, NC